Which course is right for me?

Come and have the experience of a lifetime with our expert tuition in the art of ‘horse whispering’ and equine behaviour. Our courses will change the way you view not only your relationships with horses, but also the people around you and the relationship you have with yourself.


Where do I start?

“I’d just like a lovely horsey weekend learning Join Up, Long Lining and Ground Work and the principles of Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks’ work”  – Recommended Course PERFECT MANNERS

“I have a week available and I’d like to learn all the above and much more!  I’m thinking about becoming an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Associate or going to America to do the Monty Roberts Advanced Certificate – where should I start?!”  Recommended Course – FIVE DAY FOUNDATION

“I’d like to learn about how to deal with as many of the different horse problems as possible!” Recommended Course – HORSE PSYCHOLOGY

“My ambition is to be an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Associate”.  START YOUR JOURNEY HERE


The boring bit:

Courses can be booked through the Intelligent Horsemanship Shop or you can still telephone the office to make your reservation over the phone (please note – a telephone reservation can be made on receipt of a 50% deposit). You are required to be a member of the Intelligent Horsemanship Association which costs £25 per year (or £20 by Direct Debit) and you can join at the same time as booking your course. We accept Credit Cards and Switch/Maestro. You can phone us on 01488 71300 with your number.

Places are limited on all courses. Please telephone the office to confirm availability on courses before sending in your application: 01488 71300

Due to frequent requests and a meeting with our insurers, Intelligent Horsemanship is now able to take students aged 16 years and over (previously it was 18 years and over). Although more mature students are more the norm for our courses, the younger students we have accepted in the past have not only proved very able but also fitted in well with the groups.

Under 16s will still be accepted on the Perfect Manners courses provided they are accompanied (as a student, spectator or helper) by a parent or Guardian.

Spectators are welcome at £30 per day on all courses, to book your place as a spectator please call the office on 01488 71300 (Mon-Fri between 9am and 4pm).

All courses start at 9am so please arrive for registration beforehand.

We have a covered arena at Hartsop Farm so that students can get the most out of their course no matter what the weather brings!