Could YOU become an IH Recommended Trainer? (RT)

The Steps to becoming a Recommended Trainer of Intelligent Horsemanship:

Pass the Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate – which incorporates The Five Day Foundation, Horse Psychology, Stud Practice & Foal Handling, Feeding & Nutrition, including The Horse as an Athlete.

Depending on your pass mark, you will be given a certain time period in which to develop your skills before applying to become a Recommended Trainer.

You will also need to have completed The Untouched Horse and the Leading and Loading intermediate courses (if not already completed) and put together a comprehensive portfolio of 15 case studies using the guidelines below:

Case Study guidelines:

We advise you to ensure you have adequate insurance through a recognised broker while working with horses for your case studies.  Your case studies will be ‘horses with problems’ or perhaps a young horse to start under saddle or halter train where you have clearly improved the horse and the owner is happy to verify this.

  • One must have 2 sessions on video
  • All case studies to show at least one photograph
  • All case studies to have contact details of the horse owners (some follow up will be made so please warn the horse owners)
  • Please include headings such as problem or training required, history, goal(s), session details, outcomes, client feedback, follow up, etc.

Click here to see the ‘Becoming an RT Flowchart

To become an IH Recommended Trainer the total cost in course fees shouldn’t be more than £2,300.  Compare this to the cost of gaining a career in any other area of horsemanship!  You will be well supported by several people as you make your journey.  Our main aim is to produce super competent people who can improve the lives of horses and their owners – however be aware we are looking for high standards and dedication.

As Intelligent Horsemanship is constantly evolving, we advise you keep up to date by attending the 5 Day Course as a helper and/or helping out at a Monty Roberts/Kelly Marks demo.