Money a bit tight this year?

How about coming on the course as a helper?

We look for helpers on the following courses:

5 Day Foundation Course
Perfect Manners

What is involved in helping?

Being a helper on an IH course is very different to the old slave labour days you used to hear about! Your role plays an important part of the week, helping to ensure the students have an enjoyable time and you have the opportunity to sit in on the lectures and watch some Join Up™. Your duties will mostly comprise of bringing the horses to and fro from the fields and some washing up (students drink lots of tea and coffee!)
Full Five Day Foundation course helpers receive a A Slice of Pie DVD and an IH fleece. Get in touch today – because you KNOW it’s time for you to have a MINI ADVENTURE!

Weekend helpers receive an IH fleece.

For further information, contact Sandra at

Who can help?

You would need to be 17 years or over.

It may be possible for work experience students aged 16 to attend the course as a helper, as long as a parent/guardian is with them at all times during the course. Please phone the IH Office on 01488 71300 to discuss this further.

What do I do next?

Have a look to see which course you would like to help on.

Then phone the IH Office on 01488 71300 to check availability.

Once you have booked your place, please complete the Volunteer Application Form, sign it and email to or post to:

Intelligent Horsemanship Ltd
Upper Lambourn
RG17 8QS

Discount for Horse Charities

If a registered Horse or Animal Charity would like to send a member of staff on a course with Intelligent Horsemanship they are now entitled to a 20% discount.

The charity would need to contact our office on 01488 71300 (open Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm) or to confirm agreement of payment through the charity.

Funding ideas

Would your employer pay for you to come on a course?  Many employers have and not necessarily equine employers.  This course teaches many personal development and team building skills including leadership, confidence, empathy and an Intelligent way to work through issues that crop up.  Your boss should be able to get tax relief on the course fees and of course, you will work SO much harder and be incredibly more productive when you get back from the course.

Do you have a Significant Other who would like to make this your Birthday/Christmas present?  Pick the right moment, stay relaxed, plan how you would like the the conversation to go.  Persuade them of the benefits it could mean for them.


We have had a student sponsored by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and also LANTRA Awards. Each case is reviewed on its own merits.

The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust offers bursaries, low-interest loans and ongoing business advice to help people aged 18 to 30 to start up in business.

Jockeys Employment and Training Scheme

JETS support jockeys who wish to acquire new skills, add ‘strings to their bow’ or who wish to pursue a new career.


Some students have had funding from the Department of Work and Pensions. Enquire at your local office.