Intermediate Course: Handling the Untouched Horse – with Ian Vandenberghe

Course dates Spaces available Location Accommodation Price
23rd-24th February 2017 1 Place Hartsop Farm  Witney £250

Courses can either be booked via the Intelligent Horsemanship Shop or by downloading the course application form here!

Please note, all applicants must have completed the 5 Day Foundation Course.

This is a mostly practical course taking place at Hartsop Farm. A unique opportunity to develop your skills and work with genuinely untouched horses under the supervision of our tutors.

This course must be completed before becoming a Recommended Associate and is recommended before completing Stage 2 or the Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship!

Topics covered include:

  • leading
  • first headcollar
  • leg handling and more