Demo volunteers

Want to see what goes on behind the scene of a demo? Why not volunteer to be one of our Tour Helpers? To find out more and to to be added to the helpers list please call us on 01488 71300 (open Mon-Fri between 9am and 1pm) or email

For evening demonstrations, helpers will be needed from 1pm. For afternoon demonstrations, helpers will be needed from 9am.

Be prepared for quite a long day, there will be tea and biscuits available but it is a good idea to bring food/drinks and plenty of warm clothing as it can get cold at the demonstrations.

When you have been added to the helpers list please download this health and safety form and bring it with you to hand in on arrival.

Helpers please could you help us promote this event?  Please get the word out on your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked in and ALSO if you could join any LOCAL HORSE GROUPS and let them know about the demonstration it can introduce new people to non-violent training and Intelligent Horsemanship.  If you would like the office to send you out leaflets for your local feed merchant or saddlers please email your address to, or you can download leaflets HERE

Please note that if your name is not on the helpers list you may not be able to stay and help.