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We love seeing photographs of what you’ve been up to – and the best wins their pic as canvas art.

So, read our guide to sending good shots and start snapping for the forthcoming issues!


Every issue, we receive some great photographs of members and their horses, but some are just not of a good enough quality to use, often because the file size is too small to print clearly in the magazine.


  • Bear in mind that heavily cropping a photo will reduce the physical overall file size and sometimes the quality of the photo
  • Always choose the highest resolution photo setting on your phone or camera when taking your photos (higher resolution = better quality files)
  • An image that appears good quality when viewed small will not necessarily be good quality when viewed on a bigger screen
  • When you email photos from a smart phone, you’ll usually find that when you press send or choose a file to attach, your phone will ask you what file size you want to email. ALWAYS CHOOSE THE BIGGEST FILE SIZE AVAILABLE (usually the one at the bottom of the list) – it’s often 1.5MB or bigger.

Don’t forget to title the subject line and include relevant information about your horse and yourself.

REMEMBER! THE BIGGER THE FILE SIZE – THE BETTER! If possible, try to send us images that are AT LEAST 3-4Mb.

For further details check out the article on page 9 of the Spring 2017 IH Members Magazine

Lucy Willocks, aged 23 from Surrey was one our the Highly Commended Runners Up in the Intelligent Horsemanship Young Photographer of the Year Competition 2018. We loved this cheeky, characterful shot, and as Lucy said “Every pony mad child dreams of a pony surrounded by flowers, when I had the chance to capture this why wouldn’t I? This photo captures Hector’s cheeky personality perfectly, with him peeking out of the flowers at you.
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