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“THANK YOU, everyone, at IH.  That was another webinar worth attending.  It is incredible that we get just SO MUCH VALUE for our annual contribution with IH. Tremendous organisation. Many thanks” Tania Francis

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“I returned to riding after a long break and a serious hacking accident. I read through the book a couple of times and had small successes instantly. The more I re-read, the more I picked up and tried. I loved the part about re-remembering your memories as something more humorous – it really works!
Now, people have commented on how massively my confidence has improved. Not only that I have taken on challenges that I never dreamed of.

So many of the ideas discussed in this book are transferrable to normal life; especially the facts about how many people truly make assumptions about you. I continue to dip in and out of the book even now.
In addition, the photos are beautiful and a bonus!
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