Latest Success Stories

Mel – our latest IH trainer

“I LOVED the Untouched Horse course and fell completely in love with IH, the methods and the community of ‘like-minded’ people.  This completely inspired me to attend a 5-day foundation course.  This was one of the most ‘enjoyable’ horse experiences to date and completely cemented my desire to continue my IH journey.”

Christina Wyman and Remy

“The most valuable lesson I have learnt through Intelligent Horsemanship is how to be a confident leader that always provides sanctuary and guidance for my horse.”

Emma Busk and Harvey

“Looking back on 30+ years of horse ownership, it’s not the rosettes that I’m most proud of, it’s Harvey.”

Rosemary and Liz, Shetland Pony Club

We have found that by treating Shetlands with respect and gentleness they can become the most loyal, engaged and willing partners for children.

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