Monty Roberts Dually Halter with free training DVD

‘I have been trying to bribe my horse to load onto our trailer for months, with no real positive outcome, but once we completed the join-up training with the Dually halter and progressed to the trailer, I was literally amazed that he loaded within the hour!! Thank you again’.

Kind regards,

Sarah & Duke

Designed by Monty Roberts, the Dually Halter is a patented training headcollar which effectively rewards horses for acting in partnership with their handler, the keyword being partnership. The Dually is so versatile that it can be used for training, leading and even to ride in as an alternative to a bridle. It is a kinder alternative to a chifney, gives more control than a halter with a chain over the nose, and can even be used as a lunge cavesson or as a standard normal headcollar.Intelligent Horsemanship’s Kelly Marks considers it to be her number one piece of kit, as the Dually’s sophisticated action of pressure and release gives accurate and effective control of the horse without excessive poll pressure, pain, or damage to the mouth. She stresses that correct fitting is essential to ensure good results and to make sure that your horse is comfortable. Kelly offers a free helpline (available 9am to 1pm on 01488 71300) to talk people through size options or for general queries.

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