Horse Sense for People By Monty Roberts


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 The Man who listens to Horses, talks to people!

The book for which people have been asking Monty Roberts for years, Join-Up describes how what he has learnt from horses can play an important role in improving our lives. Monty Roberts has been travelling all over the world, demonstrating his work for the last ten years. Public reaction to him, and to his books, has confirmed his belief that the concepts of Join-Up can help humans develop both business and personal communication.
For many years corporations have been sending their managers to Monty Roberts’ demonstrations, and the messages of non-violence, of listening, and of the importance of trust have been successfully developed in many of the companies. But Monty and Pat Roberts have also fostered over forty children and have seen how the same concepts of mutual agreement and trust can be used with great benefits in a family environment.
Join-Up is full of stories of those who have found, through Monty Roberts, the strength to face their problems whatever they may be. Some are heart-wrenching, some are funny, all are illuminating. Join-Up is full of new stories about some of the horses he has worked with, and from whom he has learnt what he believes.
The Man Who Listens To Horses has written an important, revealing book for all people.