James Cooling Webinar – Bitting Expert – 8pm, 10th November 2021



8pm on Wednesday 10th November 2021 – Webinar hosted by Kelly Marks with guest James Cooling

James Cooling is an independent bit and bridle fitter based in East Yorkshire. He is also a GP working 3 days a week in the NHS. He is a founding member of the Association of Professional Bit and Bridle Fitters (APBBF), a not-for profit membership organisation for professional bit and bridle fitters.

He has worked with a range of horses from “Happy Hackers” to racehorses and Grand Prix dressage horses. He utilises his deep understanding of science, anatomy, and biomechanics along with the riding discipline when assessing the horse and rider.

James started bitting horses in 2016, originally working with Horse Bit Fit after completing further lorinery training. He helped expand the company including training and educating new consultants. He developed, co-authored and examined the practical elements of the LANTRA approved bit and bridle fitting courses. He organised and ran annual CPD training weekends. He has delivered educational/CPD events for other professionals including Bishop Burton College, the Institute of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists and Dressage Ireland. He regularly does talks and demos to a variety of riding clubs and organisations

James has co-authored or contributed to several articles on bit and bridle fitting in the IH magazine, British Dressage and Horses and People magazine (Australia).

Outside of work James has been riding for over 40 years. He currently co-owns and trains 7 horses with his wife. He has completed the BHS stage 3 training and worked as a freelance instructor.  He has completed the IH courses and in 2015 was invited to California to stay with Monty Roberts and assist him on a Horse Sense and Healing course at Flag is Up Farm.

James will be answering:

why should I consider bit and bridle fit? ( the whole horse approach) 
anatomy for bitting?
considerations on changing your horses bit. 
Bitting rules resolved?. eg. 2 wrinkles, thick v thin bit, hanging cheeks and poll pressure.
what should i expect from a bitting consultation?
strong horse/strong bit?. 
using IH principles in bitting.
Problem solving/ Contact issues/ going “forward to the bit”. how to approach resolving problems. 
Biomechanical changes.  
Anatomical bridles and fitting?
Pressure in bits, bridles and bitless?


This will take place on Wednesday 10th November at 8pm on Zoom. Send in your questions to as soon as you’re ready.  

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